Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The church service went well. I bet it was a bit more mellow than they are used to but worship was a blessing.  John, Ryan and Sam led worship with a mix of english and Hindi songs so everyone was involved.  Ryan brought the word from 1 Corinthians 3:5-9.  It was such a blessing to the church as well as our team.  Scott and Sarah shared their testimonies with such boldness. Overall last week was a success in the friendships we made and the things we got to share with them... 
Here is some of the group that stayed for fellowship and lunch...

This week we are finally slowing down a little bit!!--- which is good and bad. Bad because it's easy to sit around and be comfortable at home, but good because we now have more time to invest in the relationships we've been making the past weeks.
PRAY for us as we meet weekly with these new friends of all castes and religions. Clear communication, fun times, deep conversations, boldness to share our stories with them, receptiveness, etc...
Speaking for myself, I (Steph) am excited! My introvert side looks forward to one-on-one time for sure! I'm more than happy to be the wall-flower if I feel overwhelmed by people or others take the lead. So, pray that all of us introverts (except for Sam because she most certainly is the vibrant extrovert- in a good way-- lol) BREAK out of our shells and take advantage of this one-on-one time.
All for now. Much love.
P.S. It was Scott and I's 1-year wedding anniversary last Friday. It was a blessed day-- and unique to be sure! God is good.
Steph R. (with a side of Sam) 

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  1. praying and knowing God is using you all....simply tools in the hands of the Master....
    much love,