Friday, June 19, 2009

Hindu Boys School

The Norco ladies and the boys!

The Norco men and the boys!

These are the younger boys singing a Christian song in Hindi...

Some of our favorite boys coloring a picture of Jesus feeding the 5,000

Our sweet boys... they stole my, Sarah's and Stephanie's heart...

So we taught them a game called "Ninja"... almost one of the greatest things ever invented... (they got a little violent after a while.) ooops...

These are pictures from a Hindu boys school that we are now going to every monday and tuesday. During our time there, us girls spend time with the little ones while the boys spend time with the older guys. A bible story is shared, some songs are sung, a craft is made and a number of games are played. The little ones listen intently to the bible story and are often filled with laughter during the songs and games. The older boys have now heard the gospel and been given a bible in their own language.

This opportunity to spend time at this Hindu boys school is an amazing blessing from the Lord. It is a very special and unique opportunity to be able to openly tell stories about Jesus at this school ran by Hindu followers. The light of Jesus is being shown brightly in this dark place. Please pray for these boys; pray that the seeds planted would impact the boys greatly. Pray that God would cause these seeds to grow. We know that it is only through Him that growth will take place and so pray that He will work in their lives.

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  1. IT is so good the hear all that God has done there with you guys! I look forward to seeing you all in a month! :) Love you all! Keep your eyes fixed on the cross. I am so encouraged by your stories :)