Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Haps...

We have done quite a bit this last week. Friday we got back from Hisar and did laundry and rested.  Saturday morning, 10-12 or so pastors and church leaders came over and we learned about telling Bible stories. At first I was a little hesitant but the reality in India is that the people here respond to stories more than theological debates or apologetic conversations.  We told our life stories to each other and I got to hear some really interesting things.  Our team had a great conversation because it has seemed that there has been a break down in communication. We discussed the fact that there are 5 introverts and me, an extrovert.  I was extremely blessed by my teams ability to show immense sincerity when it comes to listening.  A few of us have talked about coming out of our comfort zones to be vulnerable with each other to better love one another. 
Saturday afternoon we traveled to Lotus Temple which is of the B'hai faith.  It was so beautiful, we will try to get pictures up soon.  We had an interesting experience.  As we went in to sit down, it had to be completely silent.  There were ushers there shushing anyone that made a sound. After about 5 minutes of praying for the people we decided to get up and leave but were quickly ushered to sit back down. 5 more minutes passed and we tried to leave again.  We had to sit back down. I thought we would never get out!  Just then a girl sang this beautiful song in the temple with a beautiful echo. (We talked about how cool it would be to sing praises all alone.)  Then they read some things in different languages from all the different books and then we were taken aback when they read John 15 in English.  As we were walking out we were asked if we wanted to go to the information center so we did.  As we were reading all the signs a white girl dressed in a kurta asked us if we would like a tour.  Turns out that she is from Canada and she is just volunteering here for the summer. We had some really cool talks with her. Please pray that we could hang out with here and share truth. We are going back to the temple on Thursday night. B'hai's believe that truth is relative and all religions are correct. 
This week so far, the girls have been going to an orphanage telling bible stories and sharing that these girls are created in the image of God.  The boys are teaching English at a Hindu boys school. In the afternoons we have been feeling out different areas so that we can place ourselves in the most effective spot to meet locals.  Already we have met some believers that we get a chance to encourage and some different workers. I am excited to build relationships and share truth in a place that is so extremely dark. 
We have quite a few things that you can be lifting up for us.  We ask that you continue to be faithful in prayer. 1.) For our team: that we might love each other better and that we will be more diligent in prayer. 2.) For the relationships that we have started, that He would soften their hearts to hear truth. 3.) Continued joy in the heat and through battling personal struggles. 
We love and miss the body more than you know! 

--Sam Hauser--  
(John and I stayed home sick today, so please lift that up)  


  1. Love you and miss you too. Great to hear from you as always.

  2. Great blog. we will pray for your new Candain friend. We love and miss you guys as well. Cannot wait ot have you back at FBCN.

    Looking forward to more posts. hope you get better soon.