Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learning & Growing (AND the Taj Mahal!)

It has been an exciting 2 1/2 weeks so far! Scott and I were talking yesterday in the car ride home from the Taj Mahal about how much we have been learning from just BEING here-- let alone how much Dr. Thom and the other believers have been teaching us, etc. I have observed how we are all being challenged in different ways- especially this past week. Whether struggling with doubt, daily prayer, supporting each other, loving this culture and people, or just plain missing home-- we appreciate prayer through these battles.
I appreciate the struggles and strengths of each of our team members. You know that feeling of putting yourself on a pedestal?? Well, maybe it is just me-- but I struggle-- and being here is reminding me of how much we ALL struggle and also contribute to the Kingdom. When you might not agree on everything, you do agree on loving God, giving of yourself and sharing the gospel. What a beautiful thing. Being away from the distractions of daily life that seem so important at the time. Cranky because the chicken isn't defrosting fast enough to make dinner, upset because life is busy and there's no time for my quiet time...oh my. When did I forget and begin justifying all of my little busy tasks?
I feel like there's so much more I should be writing here. All of our funny, terrifying, and interesting stories...but too much to share at once. However, a brief recap: Sam, Scott and I (Steph) almost died several times on the way back from the Taj Mahal thanks to a suspiciously-crazy driver, John was offered marijuana, we continuously fit our whole team of 6 into a rickshaw meant for 3, we have fallen in love with a few Indians, been asked to take a LOT of picures with Indians (apparently we are famous here!), have encouraged an Indian believer to tears b/c of the love and attention we showed her, been asked to simply hold a baby because we're white, was called a Barbie, had monkeys do back flips for us, and have gotten "loose motion" to top it off.
Whoever is reading this-- know that we love and miss you-- and pray hard alongside us-- even though we are far away.
Stephanie & Scott Rendel

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  1. John,

    that hat is so rad it should be illegal. looks like youre feeling better (unless you arent and that was just taken before you got sick). but i hope you and sam and doing better.

    Love you all. Miss you tremendously. Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Praise God for all the things He is using you for in India.

    Love, Adrian