Sunday, July 12, 2009

A lot of little notes

The weeks have flown by and we are now down to our final 10 days here in India. It is a difficult time as we plan out our final week and become forced to schedule our goodbyes. This last week has had ups and some downs. Pastor Jeff and Johnathon arrived late tuesday night. It has been an awesome encouragement and joy to have them here with us. It has been such a blessing to be able to share what we have been experiencing with Pastor Jeff, and through that be reminded of the great amount of support we have coming from our close knit Norco family back home.

Tonight, in just a couple of hours, an Indian friend of ours will be coming over to talk with Dr. Mooney about Christianity. For several weeks now she has been spending time with us, becoming more and more comfortable with our team. Stephanie has connected well with her and had the opportunity to share great words of truth. This afternoon she shared with Stephanie that she would like to talk with Dr. Mooney and so we look forward to this converstaion. She is an extremely bright girl, having already earned a masters and looking towards a Phd. We ask that you please pray for this conversation and for for the Holy Spirits work in her life. We are so excited about what God is doing; praise him for his work and plead for her salvation.

Scott and Stephanie are heading off tomorrow evening to stay in a India state farther south for four days. Stephanie's great grandparents started a school years ago. Although her grandparents are no longer living, the school remains; and so they will be going to enourage those who now run the school. Pray for safe travels and that they may glorify God through the encouragement they bring.

On a not so happy note, but a necessary one to share; Aunt Linda is very sick. She has been fighting a fever for almost two weeks. Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital and they have diagnosed her with a bacteria infection. I spent the morning with her while the others were at church. She was feeling better today and was fairly talkative, which was good to see. Pray for her healing. We love her and want to see her well, so please be praying with us that her body is restored to health.

God is faithful and his plan does prevail. We are excited for the work he has done and is now doing. Thank the Lord and continue to lift us up as we embark on our last week in India.

Sarah Lopez

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